Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Wildfire by Jay Complex

So like i said last night (in my previous post) Innie Minnie Miney Moi is not a music blog. However, one of my best friends has just dropped a music video and I think it's pretty dope. Well maybe it's the fact that I'm in the video, lol. No, the video is really good. So is the actual song. And like I said before, incase you missed the blog with all the extra goodies here, he goes by the name Jay Complex and the song is called Wildfire (which is a remix to Bonfire by Childish Gambino).

The video was shot by Farreno F & Schin Nguyen (the genius) and it features Jay Complex (of course), his fellow B.A.S.S members, the actress Fanchon Dawkins, and myself, MineyB.

We kept it simple and sexy in all black and lots of fireplay.. I'm sure you'll love it as much as I do.

Check the video out right here:

What do you guys think about the video?

For more information on Jay Complex you can visit:

Or you can follow him @jaycomplex

Monday, December 12, 2011

There's a video dropping.. can someone say sneak peeks?

So there is going to be an AWESOME video dropping in a matter of minutes.. This blog is definitely not one about music.. however, this is a video that I am featured in and the song is pretty awesome and the artist is also one of my friends..
The song is "Wildfire" by Jay Complex .. which is a remix to Childish Gambino's "Bonfire".. trust me..  I know you'll love the song... especially if you're a hip-hop head like I am.

Since the video has not dropped as yet... I'll share with you the trailer...

Also, one of the the oh-so-awesome guys that shot the video (Schin Nyugen) put together a little something for me and Fanchon Dawkins(actress) from the shoot. The music in this video that follows is from the Killers and it is called "Enterlude".. I thought it was pretty epic.. and I love watching myself on film lol...enjoy!

Comment below and let me know what you think.

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Fa-la-la-la-la La- Rue-la-la =)

I had to come out of my dormant blogging slump (a result of so much studying, and academic writing and such) to share with you something that I stumbled across in a state of procrastination. I'm sure this will be something that you love as much as I did, especially now that we are in the season of giving (and receiving!)

So just yesterday I got an invite to join Rue La La in my email inbox. I decided to check it out. What I actually did find is why I am writing when I clearly should be studying.

Hold on, let's start with two words.

Designer brands

Let's add another three.


Waitttt.... now maybe you're thinking..."so what, they'll still be expensive."

Let me debunk your myth of these websites selling you dreams. This morning, I just purchased a give for my sister (I cannot disclose, she'll read it and it won't be a secret any more, lol) But I saved about 40% off the original price and it was well within my "college student budget" (yeah, the one that doesn't really exist)

What makes it exciting, and probably dangerous if you are the type to frequently purchase off the internet, is that there are time limits on the goods (as there would be on any sale) and there is a great variety of items to choose from. They currently have gift guides and fabulous items to purchase for your friends and family. Trust me.. you'll love it.. just as much as I do. 

This is a feature gift item on the website right now, philosophy Limited Edition Hope in a Jar & Makeup. A $145.00 value, priced at $29.90

Click here for a personal invitation to Rue La La and see it for yourself --> http://www.ruelala.com/invite/jmcphee16

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Forgive Me! Please!!!

So this is basically what I look like every night. Surrounded by books with at least two windows of Microsoft Word opened in the hopes that I can complete all the papers that I have written down in my planner. At the same time I want to sleep soooo bad and my body and mind are definitely plotting against me for putting them both through o much sorrow. LOL

This semester is definitely coming along roughly, but they say the closer you are to your degree the worse it gets. Thank goodness I'm almost done.
For those that actually check the blog out, please forgive me for being neglectful. I've been drowning in a sea of schoolwork. But I guess you gotta do what you gotta do, right? Right.

So anyway, I've been so stressed with school and other randoms in life lately, but there is a bright side to that. I've got a load of things planned for the coming weeks/months. But you guys will have to check me out and see what it is that I'm getting ready to bring to you. In the meantime, I'll be sharing some of my favorite looks from fashion week and I'll also have my top ten beauty products for the fall/winter.

Once again... forgive me!

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

My Top Eight Summer Beauty Essentials

It's beginning to look a lot like summer! The spring semester is over and you are ready to just kick back and forget about all that work. I mean come on, there is the beach, parties, shopping, lunches and chill sessions with all of your friends that you haven't seen the whole time you were buried in books.(right) How do you make sure that you look absolutely stunning every day this summer? Well, I tried to get my top 5 beauty essentials but I couldn't just stop there.

My top EIGHT beauty essentials are:

8. Nail Polish- Let's be real. This summer you probably will forget your sneakers and you will probably be wearing loads of flip flops, peep toes, and wedge sandals. the only thing that can mess up a really good shoe is raggedy looking nails. This season, ensure that your feet (and hands) always look in tip top shape by applying some of summer's hottest shades.
Nailed it duo by .mark, get both for just 7 dollars, what a steal!

7. Primer- Who does their face and then actually wants it to melt off in the heat of the sun? No, I'll wait. Primer for the face or eyes is a MUST have for you girls that are all into their make up and don't want it to ever melt off. So prime those eyelids or your face and watch your make up stay in place.

Below: Primed for perfection, face primer. Get it today for just $10

6. Exfoliate! - Do I have to explain how vital this is for this season?! We're donning shorts and cute summer dresses and skirts and of course we'll be showing off our gorgeous legs, arms, and backs! Be assured that your skin looks lovely each time by exfoliating. Whether it be an exfoliating scrub or just remembering to use a loofah every 2-3 days, get rid of those old dead skin cells that give a dull appearance to your skin.
Berry Grand, One of two types of exfoliating beads that .mark has to offer. It's simple, just add to your favorite body wash and you have exfoliating magic. $9

5. Lip Balm- Whats the use of all that smooth glowing skin if your lips are cracking? Make sure you take care of that situation by using a lip balm that will ensure that you have smooth lips all season long. Besides, you'll be needing kissable lips for all the summer loving that you'll be experiencing.
Totally Balmed. SPF 15 Tinted Lip Balm. Get it for $8

4. Foundation- Finding the right base for your skin is always a good move. For people with normal to oily skin, a pressed powder is the best solution. However, girls with dry skin may do best with a base with a little more moisture. The perfect foundation for all is a good cream-to-powder foundation.
My personal favorite! Powder buff, Natural skin Foundation. Allows buildable sheer to full coverage. Get it for just $12

I fell in love with this one a few years ago, greater for the colder temperatures, but for you liquid foundation enthusiasts, this is the face xpert. Get this for just $10

3. A Bedtime- There are so many reasons why making sure you get enough sleep is essential to you beauty (and overall health).

2. SPF!!!!!- I mean of course this is the second most important beauty need for the summer. We need to make sure that we are protected from the sun's harmful rays each and every day to prevent sun burn and skin cancer (yikes). Your best bet is to find a daily moisturizer that already has SPF in it. (I mean because it goes without saying that you MUST moisturize each day for healthy skin now and way into your old years lol)

For Goodness Face, Antioxidant skin moisturizing lotion spf 30. $18 (A little goes a longggg way)

1. WATER. - This is THE most important essential to your beauty all year round but especially in the summer. As we go throughout the day we lose a lot of water from sweating and just by breathing (yes, you do) It is so important to keep hydrated, you will have clearer, healthy, glowing skin, you can also encourage healthy hair growth as well. Besides, feeling better on the inside always makes you look better outside as well.

Remember, these are my thoughts on the most important beauty essentials. What can't you live without this summer?

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Randomness. Really. But there is a blog coming.

I have been so busy with school lately that i haven't even gotten around to blogging.. Okay, who am I fooling.. school has been done for like two weeks now lmao. Well, there is definitely a blog coming. So have no fear.
Tomorrow, the topic of the day will be the top five beauty essentials for summer I mean it is my favorite season, and it is quickly approaching, so let's get ready! And I will also be naming my favorite products as well.
Until tomorrow then =)

Saturday, April 9, 2011

The Wiz War Continues.. Save Us!

Natalie Nunn of BGC Season 4 is looking a bit salty this morning as she responds to Amber Rose's latest tweets.
On the 7th @DaRealAmberRose tweeted:
"Girls, we need to stop being so mean spirited towards each other it's really sad."
she then went on to say:
Every1 is some1's Sloppy seconds if ur not a virgin & every woman is beautiful in their own way so stop being evil & compliment each other."
These last tweets were undoubtedly a response to Natalie Nunn's declaration that rapper Wiz Khalifa was her "sloppy seconds" (See Video below)

This morning Natalie clearly flared up when she woke to Amber's tweets:

"Hahaha u talked all that s# and ur not even coming to Barbados??? "
"Imma keep it cute and lady like twitfam Good Morning Love u guys :-)"
And by keeping it cute, Amber clearly meant, "let me rub it in" she continued on to say:
"Hey @ I'll pray for u girl u obviously have Psychological & Insecurity issues. U wanted some shine from my page u got it."
And to add insult to injury..
"@ Oh & I know where u live too I'll send u pretty roses from Wiz & I 2 let u know you'll be ok. Enjoy ur time in houston :-)"

We all know, Natalie Nunn is not one to get shots fired at her without retaliating. This is where things went into salt-town.

I mean come onnn Natalie.. we don't forget how just a few months ago you were running on about how you don't give a f*ck and all that. Now you just all jealous over their relationship. (Video posted below)

She also mentioned how no one knew Amber until she was with Kanye, which is very true but no one knew you til you got on the Bad Girls Club ( and you won't let us forget it, even thought the show is on it's 6th season)

She also posted loads of pictures with her and Wiz in an effort to prove her credibility... Girl we don't care..

And as to why Amber Rose even responded... I am so appalled. I think she needs to go in for a bit more re-upholstery. #ImJustSaying

The photos that she posted can also be found below.

Friday, March 18, 2011

Okay so this is the first official entry for Innie.Minnie.Miney.Moi. So i guess since this is the first entry I'll just be saying what this blog is about and why on earth it has the name that it does.
Well I chose the name because growing up I always had this huuuuuuuuugggee fascination with Minnie Mouse. That kind of stuck with me and at one point in highschool a friend of mine started calling me Miney (but it sounded like Minnie).. so i definitely took the nickname on (even though when people often see my name spelled as Miney they pronounce it as "My-knee". Another reason that I chose the name was that fact that I'm well known for utilizing the innie,minnie, miney, moe method when I'm stumped on a multiple choice question lol. So upon creating the blog.. when i was throwing names around in my head I wanted something that related to me but will also relate to the blog.
I figure that the name will relate to the blog because just like innie.minnie.miney.moe, you will NEVER know what to expect each time you end up reading this blog.
Don't get me wrong, there is gonna be some consistency, but i like a lot of things, so you never know.
I'm a dancer, in fact, I'm a performer. I love being able to express myself and my feelings to people so you may see a lot of this here. Also, I love fashion and beauty.. so i may talk about clothes make up, hair and SHOES a lot as well. Speaking of makeup, I'm an Avon representative with my main focus being in .mark products, so you'll get exclusive information about the products, how i use them, why i love them, and why you should as well.

Welll... for now I think I've said enough.
Until the next blog
Miney B