Tuesday, May 17, 2011

My Top Eight Summer Beauty Essentials

It's beginning to look a lot like summer! The spring semester is over and you are ready to just kick back and forget about all that work. I mean come on, there is the beach, parties, shopping, lunches and chill sessions with all of your friends that you haven't seen the whole time you were buried in books.(right) How do you make sure that you look absolutely stunning every day this summer? Well, I tried to get my top 5 beauty essentials but I couldn't just stop there.

My top EIGHT beauty essentials are:

8. Nail Polish- Let's be real. This summer you probably will forget your sneakers and you will probably be wearing loads of flip flops, peep toes, and wedge sandals. the only thing that can mess up a really good shoe is raggedy looking nails. This season, ensure that your feet (and hands) always look in tip top shape by applying some of summer's hottest shades.
Nailed it duo by .mark, get both for just 7 dollars, what a steal!

7. Primer- Who does their face and then actually wants it to melt off in the heat of the sun? No, I'll wait. Primer for the face or eyes is a MUST have for you girls that are all into their make up and don't want it to ever melt off. So prime those eyelids or your face and watch your make up stay in place.

Below: Primed for perfection, face primer. Get it today for just $10

6. Exfoliate! - Do I have to explain how vital this is for this season?! We're donning shorts and cute summer dresses and skirts and of course we'll be showing off our gorgeous legs, arms, and backs! Be assured that your skin looks lovely each time by exfoliating. Whether it be an exfoliating scrub or just remembering to use a loofah every 2-3 days, get rid of those old dead skin cells that give a dull appearance to your skin.
Berry Grand, One of two types of exfoliating beads that .mark has to offer. It's simple, just add to your favorite body wash and you have exfoliating magic. $9

5. Lip Balm- Whats the use of all that smooth glowing skin if your lips are cracking? Make sure you take care of that situation by using a lip balm that will ensure that you have smooth lips all season long. Besides, you'll be needing kissable lips for all the summer loving that you'll be experiencing.
Totally Balmed. SPF 15 Tinted Lip Balm. Get it for $8

4. Foundation- Finding the right base for your skin is always a good move. For people with normal to oily skin, a pressed powder is the best solution. However, girls with dry skin may do best with a base with a little more moisture. The perfect foundation for all is a good cream-to-powder foundation.
My personal favorite! Powder buff, Natural skin Foundation. Allows buildable sheer to full coverage. Get it for just $12

I fell in love with this one a few years ago, greater for the colder temperatures, but for you liquid foundation enthusiasts, this is the face xpert. Get this for just $10

3. A Bedtime- There are so many reasons why making sure you get enough sleep is essential to you beauty (and overall health).

2. SPF!!!!!- I mean of course this is the second most important beauty need for the summer. We need to make sure that we are protected from the sun's harmful rays each and every day to prevent sun burn and skin cancer (yikes). Your best bet is to find a daily moisturizer that already has SPF in it. (I mean because it goes without saying that you MUST moisturize each day for healthy skin now and way into your old years lol)

For Goodness Face, Antioxidant skin moisturizing lotion spf 30. $18 (A little goes a longggg way)

1. WATER. - This is THE most important essential to your beauty all year round but especially in the summer. As we go throughout the day we lose a lot of water from sweating and just by breathing (yes, you do) It is so important to keep hydrated, you will have clearer, healthy, glowing skin, you can also encourage healthy hair growth as well. Besides, feeling better on the inside always makes you look better outside as well.

Remember, these are my thoughts on the most important beauty essentials. What can't you live without this summer?

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