Thursday, December 1, 2011

Fa-la-la-la-la La- Rue-la-la =)

I had to come out of my dormant blogging slump (a result of so much studying, and academic writing and such) to share with you something that I stumbled across in a state of procrastination. I'm sure this will be something that you love as much as I did, especially now that we are in the season of giving (and receiving!)

So just yesterday I got an invite to join Rue La La in my email inbox. I decided to check it out. What I actually did find is why I am writing when I clearly should be studying.

Hold on, let's start with two words.

Designer brands

Let's add another three.


Waitttt.... now maybe you're thinking..."so what, they'll still be expensive."

Let me debunk your myth of these websites selling you dreams. This morning, I just purchased a give for my sister (I cannot disclose, she'll read it and it won't be a secret any more, lol) But I saved about 40% off the original price and it was well within my "college student budget" (yeah, the one that doesn't really exist)

What makes it exciting, and probably dangerous if you are the type to frequently purchase off the internet, is that there are time limits on the goods (as there would be on any sale) and there is a great variety of items to choose from. They currently have gift guides and fabulous items to purchase for your friends and family. Trust me.. you'll love it.. just as much as I do. 

This is a feature gift item on the website right now, philosophy Limited Edition Hope in a Jar & Makeup. A $145.00 value, priced at $29.90

Click here for a personal invitation to Rue La La and see it for yourself -->

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  1. Cool post Jasmine. Thanks for the info, I just signed up! :)