Sunday, June 10, 2012

Social Media Madness... Websites I'm Currently Obsessing Over

I've been known to "window shop" on the internet whenever I'm in a bad mood for a quick pick-me-up and my friends can attest to that. Nowadays, window shopping turns into full fledged purchases due to the bargains that I find or one of a kind items I stumble across on the internet.
If you could have felt the excitement that I had when I posted about Rue La La, then you can imagine this very same emotion times 92505827654 to the tenth power when I tell you about my current obsessions. Granted, I am still head over heels in love with Rue La La, these websites put my fanaticism over the edge. Getting my daily dose of PR Couture a few weeks ago, I found one of my obsessions, Fashiolista. Fashiolista is a website that allows you to download an app for your browser that allows you to add the items that you find on websites all over to your list. This helps people who share the same style as you or someone who is trying to identify their own style to be able to find items posted by others from many websites all over the internet. What I love about it is that everyday I happen to find a website that I NEVER knew existed. Now, thanks to Fashiolista I spend about an hour each day finding articles of clothing and accessories to add to my wish list (and some just to dream about). 

My second love came from browsing The Glitter Guide and checking out their sidebar. (And now you will be able to see what I mean by checking my sidebar to your right) Lyst, the second love for this post, is similar to Fashiolista, however, Lyst allows you to browse according to what you may be looking for specifically. (think price range, color, sale items, etc.) 

So as you can see on my sidebar.. I already have lists flourishing with all the fabulous items that I have stumbled across in my browsing frenzy.  For instance, take a peep at this gorgeous wrap dress from ASOS through Lyst. 
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  1. I love sites like those too! You should try pinrest also. Thank for commenting on my blog also ;)

  2. I'll have to check out Lyst - it sounds cool! x <3

  3. Thankx for the site suggestions...I'm going to check them out. I was going to suggest Pinterest too! Nice blog, keep it up... Youve got yourself a new member!