Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Simple Pleasures

One cannot deny themselves of the simple pleasures in life. I know I can't. So today, while I was making a run for office supplies, I did something I haven't done in years. I picked up a couple magazines.

When we were younger, my dad took us to the bookstore every month or so (in fact, we still visit the book store from time to time....but this is beside the point) because my sisters and I are avid readers. We would always pick up at least one novel a piece and we always tried to come to a consensus  as to which two or three magazines we would bring home. Our picks usually ended up being either Seventeen (our all-time favorite), cosmogirl, teen vogue, etc.

As we got older started to subscribe to Seventeen, Glamour, and Allure. We'd still pick up a few stray mags when we made trips to the book store, but for the most part, we had our very own magazine heaven at home.

At least until recently when what seemed to be never-ending subscriptions came to a most sad end.

So when I went into Bookworld today I just could not resist. And now I feel like everything is right with the world.

Magazines are always chock full of inspiration, tips and all the latest fashion. And lucky me, two of my favorite girls are posted on the covers of the Elle and Glamour- Selena Gomez and Mila Kunis (respectively)
Now all month I'll be in and out of these two magazines getting the hearty helping of magazines that I've been missing for a while.

What are your favorite mags? What are simple pleasures in your life?


  1. hello dear,
    cool blog followed you on GFC
    hope you follow back

  2. Hi doll! How are you? I'm so sorry I missed the party, I had a school reunion to attend. I love your header and I wanted to share with you a site that has some very cool Blogger backgrounds - there are free ones, $10 ones and then those $80 to hundreds of dollars. So check it out and stay in touch! xo


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  3. Hey Hun! Love the Blog Facelift! And I was just planning to subscribe to a few mags for inspiration because I love reading them as well!

    My simple pleasure... Conch Salad and Kalik! Everytime does the Trick!