Friday, August 10, 2012

Short Bit: Dangerously Dramatic Eyes

So I was scanning through Facebook early one morning while [pretending to] get ready for work and I stumbled across this look on Go Jane's FB page. I was so captivated by this photo.. I loved everything about it. From the perfect arch of her brows to the lash definition on the top and bottom.
I think this weekend when I decide to step out.. I'll have to do a similar look. Only problem I have is that I'll need some glitter.
Well it's Friday...we'll see what I can get into..
I'll be sure to post the look later and list all the products that I used. =)

P.S. I may just be using the colors of the Bahamian flag... as we celebrate our win in the Men's 4x400m Relay at the 2012 London Olympics this afternoon.

Bahamian Pride =)

An Oldie... but a Goodie!

I recently realized that someone must have stolen  my face scrub had gone missing. I couldn't find it any where and it drove me crazy. So this week, I realized that my face had started to look a bit dull... and that completely freaked me out. [I know we've all been there.. and if you haven't... Just allow me to be sad ='(]

Anyways... as I made a stop to a local grocery store... I came across something I haven't seen in years...
St. Ives Apricot Scrub. I remember as a child, my mother would use it and I ALWAYS dabbled in her beauty and skin care products. So I would use it sometimes to scrub my skin. (Not that exfoliation was necessary for my face at the time) Needless to say, due to a rush of old memories that came crashing into my brain, I quickly picked up one of the scrubs for myself. I mean, I really needed something to exfoliate with anyway. Therefore, I had no other choice... the coincidence was too great.

I have really sensitive skin and this is one of the best face scrubs that I have tried in a while. It is not drying at all, and it provides the deep clean and exfoliation that I really was seeking. Additionally, this is a very attractive product because the retail price is so cheap for the quality that you receive. 
It goes without saying, my skin is beautifully radiant today and I love it.

What beauty products take you back to your childhood? What skin care items can't you live without?