Sunday, September 16, 2012

The winner of the Super Drama contest is....

The "I can't get enough drama" giveaway contest has just come to an end. It was my very first contest so I am most certain that I was more excited than anyone who entered. I will try to have a contest at least once a month. And I will definitely open up the contests to my international readers as well.
With all that being established..... the winner of the "I can't get enough drama" contest issssssssssssss......
Myah dboss!!
She will be receiving 2 tubes of Avon's Super Drama mascara.
I have a few in stock so readers can get the mascara 25% off once you message me through Google +

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

We all love a little drama [CONTEST]



you are anything like me, you aren't blessed with the thickest, longest lashes and mascara and falsies. I just love the drama and mystery that a full lash gives my look.
So if you ARE indeed like me, then you know what it is to try a dIfferent mascara every month. This one lengthens, that one boosts volume, and the other one just just plain..... messy.
So I think my search for an affordable mascara that addresses my lash dilemma has come to a climatic end.

 <-- I don't know if you can tell the difference with this photo.

 I'm pretty sure you see the difference here though. Excuse my brows, we're overdue.

Super Drama has a uniquely designed fan brush that makes every lash fuller and longer. I thought that fact really put it over the edge. Well, what really gets it off that cliff is the fact that there is absolutely NO clumping! (Clumped lashes:You've been there. Dont act like you haven't)
I decided that I love this mascara SO much that I have to share the wealth. One lucky reader will win 2 Super Drama mascaras. You can keep both for yourself or you can give one to a friend. It's your choice!
Contest Rules
1. You must live in Nassau, Bahamas. (Sorry to my international followers and readers. At the moment I cannot ship outside of the Bahamas.)
2. You must become a follower of the blog.
(On the right hand side of the blog there will be a widget that shows the members [followers] of the blog)
3. Once you have become a member, leave the comment "I can't get enough drama".
Additional entries can be made by sharing this blog post on social networks (ie. Facebook, Twitter, Google+, etc.) For each network you get 1 additional entry. You will have to make note of this in the comment bar below.

The contest will run until Sunday, September 16 at 8:00 pm

Super Drama, and other wonderful products from Avon & Mark, can be purchased online by local and international customers by following this link ---->

Sunday, September 9, 2012

Keeping up with Kim Kardashian's Wardrobe

I have not yet explained my love for the Kardashian/Jenner family. I'm totally obsessed with those silly and impeccably stylish family members. Part one of KUWTK season finale airs at 9 tonight and in my excitement I started to think about what has been happening to Kim's style lately. When she isn't professionally styled for a photoshoot, lately she's been looking...boring. Gorgeous, but not the sultry Kim we have come to know. The video below explains how her boyfriend Kanye has recently been styling her.

Watch "Kanye West Helps Style Kim Kardashian" on YouTube

It's not all bad... but it certainly is different.
(Sidenote: watching her make that ramen made me laugh...I don't know why)

What do you think about Kim's style evolution?